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A free XAPK tool

XAPK Installer is a free mobile utility program that enables you to open up and install XAPK files with ease. XAPK files aren’t as quick to be installed as APK (Android Package Kit) files do because of their additional packaged resources. With a specialized installer software, however, you don’t have to worry too much about handling those resources yourself. This app also works on emulators.

A compact format

XAPK is a file extension format in a standard ZIP format, allowing all data related to an app to be saved into a single file for quick installation. Unlike APKs, XAPK contains both the APK file and the OBB (Opaque Binary Blob) data—as well as caches, the app icon, and other miscellaneous information that the app requires to function. Default installers on phones and tablets don’t really handle anything other than APKs, however.

Fortunately, XAPK Installer is designed to take care of this type of file format—which is more lightweight and compact so large apps like games can be quickly launched. This tool scans all files in your SD card and device and then automatically extracts the OBB data, storing it in the location you prefer. Afterward, the APK file finally gets installed. This even makes it much easier to uninstall apps that came from XAPK files.

Compared to APKs, however, you might feel like it’s a hassle to get another app just to open a XAPK. This format’s quite handy, but, as it compresses large files to save space and there are fewer chances of them turning out to be corrupted. Unfortunately, other than scanning, installing, and deleting, that’s all that the app does. It doesn’t really open up the app’s details as thoroughly as the default settings do.

An essential app

All in all, XAPK Installer is a great tool for anyone who prefers XAPKs or tends to download apps from third-party sources more often. While you still need a separate program in order to open those, this tool is handy enough to allow you to easily download and install that type of format on your device. It’s only too bad that it doesn’t offer in-depth app configuration like the ones found in your default settings.


  • Automatically extracts XAPK data
  • Can delete or uninstall apps
  • Scans both device and SD card


  • Doesn’t show a lot of app settings


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XAPK Installer


XAPK Installer 2.2 for Android


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